Saturday, June 21, 2008

Evil Pod Beeped

Even after bushwhacking through pod-infested woods for countless dark days, they couldn't escape. The evil pod beeped, giving away their location. The blinding searchlight of the UFO zeroed in on the girl's startled face. The sky crackled like bacon in a skillet.

Photo taken 6/19/08. Click on image to enlarge. Eek!


Deborah Batterman said...

Bacon in a skillet, indeed. And how about overcooked broccoli (feh!)? I have an identity now . . . Have I been taken by a body snatcher? Who knows? But I do see pods everywhere.

Christine said...

Pods. Once you start thinking about them, they start multiplying. Close your mind, quick. (Overcooked broccoli? Hmmm,no real crackle to it, but it does provide a memorable scent.) Thanks for hovering here!