Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tulip, Feather, Woodgrain

One line of poetry casts its shadow into the next, patterns repeat, contrasts in sound underscore meaning. Key words and images pop, leaping to the eye like glossy magenta against rough deep gray. The tendrils of each line extend into the next -- encircling, clinging, claiming -- until the poem is woven into a living whole, each word inextricable.

In this photo, I tried to capture the way repeating patterns, shapes, and shadows rippled through the tulip, feather, and woodgrain, uniting them in a still life.

Photo taken 5/13/08. Click on image to enlarge. For more about repeating patterns and contrast (and metaphor), scroll down to the 6/12/08 post.


Annecy Baez said...


As always, beautiful. I recommend your blog to everyone, for it's beauty, it's texture, content and inspiration. It is a joy to read always. I am editing my blog, yours as my mentor, I wonder about its focus, writing, healing, art, or about sharing, like yours, sharing life.

Christine said...

How lovely to start my Saturday with such gracious and generous comments! Thank you! I went to your blog and read last year's announcement about your grant: amazing. Congratulations. (I wasn't able to enter the second blog, though.) It was wonderful to hear you read with the Riverine anthology.