Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Devil's Needle: Photographer Stu Jenks

Artists seem to resist strict classification. The creative force wants to express itself regardless of what form it takes. Stu Jenks, a photographer based in Tucson, is also a musician and now a writer. It's fascinating to read what he writes on his blog about his creative process, to follow his evolving methods, to witness his discoveries about the landscape, the people, and himself. He places himself at the intersection of planned location and beautiful accident. He's open to what arrives and captures it on film. Here's a link to his blog post about his visit to The Devil's Needle, Arbroath, Scotland.

Photo by Stu Jenks, used with permission.


Pam said...

I love that the photo is a "mistake." Unintentional, as he writes. Great blog -- and thanks for link and for writing about his work, the work.

Christine said...

True for poetry, too -- love it when the perfect words accidentally collide and align themselves to make something thrilling and telling and new.