Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pyramid Head

Sometimes, despite everything, the world presents you with a surprising, uplifting image. Yesterday, as I stood in the bitter cold fueling my car, thinking serious thoughts, I looked up to see a man with a flowing white beard wearing a pyramid on his head. It was more the open framework of a pyramid, a brass-colored outline, apex pointing toward the heavens. The size of a large hat. As I said, it was cold, the pyramid was metal, and the man was balding. He nonchalantly filled up his tank, obviously pondering his own thoughts inside the cage of his pyramid. I wondered what was going on in there. What did the headgear do? I couldn't stop the smile tugging at my face. This image absolutely tickled me. I had to re-park and call a friend. Wonder and mystery and humor are contagious -- and, in conjunction, work a powerful magic. Hats off to the man in the pyramid.

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