Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cable Knit Snow

At the top of my hill, I came across this cable knit snow in the road, formed of tire tracks. Sometimes individual patterns coincidentally come together to form something more beautiful and whole. The obvious parallel: poetry. The gorgeous surprise of lines and words entwined to make a poem.

In Around Us the Darkness is Deep, in the poem entitled "How These Words Happened," William Stafford writes this first stanza:

In winter, in the dark hours, when others
were asleep, I found these words and put them
together by their appetites and respect for
each other. In stillness, they jostled. They traded
meanings while pretending to have only one.

"In stillness, they jostled." I like that. Knit together, the lines grow richer and wider, the poem invites us into its deeper pattern.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous photo. Gorgeous quote to ponder.

Admin said...

I really love the way you see the world. :)

Christine said...

Why thank you, Spot. Here are some more of Stafford's lines for you to ponder, from his poem "Sayings from the Northern Ice":

"Sled runners before they meet have long talk / apart."

And later:

"At the mouth of the long sack we fall in forever / storms brighten the spikes of the stars."

Christine said...

Thanks so much, Vesper! I admire your perspective too. Read the extra lines above...

Javier said...

I congratulate you on your books!

May this new year bring you happiness and joy!


Christine said...

Many thanks, Javier. Happy 2009 to you, too!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the extra lines, Christine. I will have to seek out some more of his work. I'm about to sign off as Annie having started this conversation as Spot - It's still me though!

Christine said...

Do read some more of his poetry. So glad to have you here, regardless of name, Annie/Spot!