Sunday, March 2, 2008

Baby Muse Returns

Yes, she's baa-aack! I couldn't resist sharing another photograph of Baby Muse. Those eyes. To view a larger version, merely click on the image.

The offer remains the same. If you would like a free word to spark your creativity, just send an e-mail to the contact address in the sidebar. Put "Baby Muse" in the subject line. She will be delighted to e-mail back a word or two or three, whatever inspiration-combination seems right for the sender. For background, see the previous post.

This has been FUN. Baby Muse and I have even received second e-mails containing new, inspiring words to replenish the inspiring words list, as well as clever lines using multiple words in an original way. Plus, we get the bonus of the meandering, shuffling, poetic thoughts that result from handling so many intriguing words.

Thanks for playing!


Pam said...

She's beauteous!!

Christine said...

Baby Muse thanks you for the compliment!