Sunday, January 17, 2010

Disobey the Current

Drawn by the curled wave of snow and ice against black water, I stood as close as I dared, not knowing where the ground ended and the stream began beneath the snow.

Thoughts jotted down while revisiting the image this silent Sunday morning:

Thinking of all the forces that rush past – unstoppable -- that freeze and melt our edges, that swirl our thoughts into beauty and darkness, that form patterns of poetic clarity, that ripple cold and warm past the heart, as boundaries thaw then re-form, then give way again, as -- quivering -- we inhabit shape after shape. Yet, how still and immutable, how solid: that place at our core that disobeys the current.

The photo was taken 1/9/10. Click on image to enlarge.


Deborah Batterman said...

'Quivering'-- such an evocative word, and one that sounds exactly like what it means.

Christine said...

Indeed. That surface rippling, that tugging at the center, the center holding fast.

The Mess said...

Dangerous steps you take. The "q-word" are well-founded.

And as a coincidence I happen to collect words that starts with a Q. Think they are so delicate. Very rare in my own language.

Christine said...

Interesting collection ... I never thought about Q words that way, delicate. Perhaps you are right. I like the word quirky.