Thursday, July 23, 2009

He's Got Duende

This wild-eyed fellow dominated a room full of antique dolls in a small museum in Vermont. Mesmerizing ... and a bit unsettling to linger in his mischievous gaze. (Really, just try to avert your eyes.) Some inanimate objects possess a strange, spiky energy. Somehow, this clown projects something demonic, a dark invitation. But there's something comical there, too. I couldn't resist him. He's got soul. He's got duende.

For more about duende, visit this previous post: Duende: Words Both Winged and Quilled.

For more about clowns, visit photographer Stu Jenks' blog entry: The Bozos: Bozo Below Uncompahgre Peak . (Scroll down for more Bozo-themed posts.)

At last I'm back, escaped from computer limbo!


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