Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Blackest Ink

Alberto Blanco, star poet, sent me "a little gift" by e-mail: a Spanish translation of "The Blackest Ink," one of my poems just out in the new issue of The Bitter Oleander. Thanks, Alberto! It's so thrilling see a piece reborn in another language, even if my Spanish is incredibly rusty. Here are both versions:

The Blackest Ink

Hair still wrapped in a towel,
I rush to my notebook,
urgent words overflowing.

As I write, a drop of water
falls into the stream
of still-damp cursive.

The miniature puddle
swirls with orchid and blue:
a delicate oil slick.

This morning
even my blackest ink
bleeds secret rainbows.

-- Christine Boyka Kluge

La tinta más negra

Con el pelo todavía envuelto en la toalla,
corro hacia mi cuaderno de notas,
las palabras urgentes se desbordan.

Y mientras escribo, una gota de agua
se precipita en la corriente
de letras cursivas todavía frescas.

En el charco en miniatura
se forma un remolino orquídea y azul:
una delicada marea negra.

Esta mañana
hasta mi tinta más negra
sangra arcoiris secretos.

-- Christine Boyka Kluge
Translated by Alberto Blanco

The poem is reprinted here with permission from The Bitter Oleander. The translation is printed with permission from Alberto Blanco. To read a post about one of Alberto's poems from his book, A Cage of Transparent Words, click here: "Life by Halves."
The photograph of the coleus leaf was taken 8/18/08 in Rhinebeck, NY.


Pam said...

Congratulations Chris. A beautiful poem in both languages. Though I do not know Spanish, I love the sounds here. I hope you are somewhere good today. Thank you for this poem, for your blog and your love of poetry.

Christine said...

Thanks, Pam. Yes, the Spanish language is beautiful. And thank you for your blog and poetry, too! Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.

Calli said...

A lovely poem Christine and I just love the lines "even my blackest ink bleeds secret rainbows"...

So beautiful!

Christine said...

How nice of you to say so, Calli. I use that very line inside some of the paper sculpture ornaments I make. Thanks so much for visiting.