Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Ghost Between Them

In the wee hours of the morning, I heard from the multi-talented Wendy Lewis at Mental Contagion that the new issue was out. Mental Contagion is an online arts and literature magazine that features interviews and work by artists, writers and performing artists. You can get happily lost there for hours. I mean it.

If you'd like to read three prose poems from Stirring the Mirror that are now available online for the first time on Mental Contagion, visit their fascinating Web site by clicking on the magazine title. I've also included a link in the sidebar, along with links to other online work.

As for the photograph above, several captions come to mind. Here are a few:

1. Her ghost is always between them, whispering.

2. Since the breakup, she feels like an exposed root: painfully sensitive, suddenly blind, anemic.

3. Her life pales in comparison to the colorful lives of her siblings/parents/friends.

If a caption pops into your mind, share it by e-mailing it to cbklu [at] optonline [dot] net. I'd love to post some. Remember the Baby Muse inspiration project? That was FUN. (See earlier posts: 2/29/08, 3/2/08 & 3/19/08. You can get to them by clicking on "Older Posts" at the bottom of this page.)

Photo of Renwal dolls taken 5/7/08. Click on image to enlarge.


theathea said...

love love love love photos

Christine said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

wendy lewis said...

hey karen :^) mental contagion and i thank you very kindly for the promotional post replete w/ imbedded links. it has been nothing but fun and more fun to correspond & work with you. i'll be checking in, of course!

these doll people keep piling up. they are creepy in my very favorite sort of way.

Christine said...

You are very welcome. Thanks for publishing my prose poems! Oh yes, I love the Renwal dolls. They have a certain intriguing something...