Friday, May 23, 2008

Findings from the Archaeological Museum

Dina Bursztyn of The Open Studio Art Gallery in Catskill, NY, e-mailed an announcement of the new show at the gallery, Findings from the Archaeological Museum. The invitation listed examples of the unusual things to be discovered there:

The collection includes a necklace that was lost by the God Neptune, a fork that once belonged to Thomas Cole, the moon's smoking pipe, a Hemingway tangle, and a monument made by a tribe of diminutive sculptors of the Hudson Valley, now believed extinct. Artifacts found by artchaeologist Dina Bursztyn. Also on view: new assemblages by Julie Chase.

The photos above show two samples from the show: "Horse Zeppelin" by Julie Chase (left) and "Pandora's Lock" by Dina Bursztyn (right).

The Open Studio is located at 402 Main Street, Catskill, New York. During May the hours are Friday and Saturday 12-6, Sunday 12-4, and by appointment and chance.

For more information and lots of wild art, you can visit, Dina's Web site. (Potato Spirit! You've got to love that.) If that's not enough for you, you can call (518) 943-9531.

A couple of Cyclops-like creatures from The Open Gallery appear in my Glorious Cabinet of Perfect Order and Beauty, pictured in the 5/2 post. Other previous posts are accessible by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and clicking on "Older Posts."

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