Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Review in Pif Magazine

Sparkling thanks go to reviewer Kristina Marie Darling and Pif Magazine for the generous review of Stirring the Mirror that just came out the week of the AWP conference:

Pif Magazine Review of Stirring the Mirror

The latest issue of Pif contains some fascinating writing. Check out editor Derek Alger's interview with David Amram, who spoke during the lively AWP panel on New York in the Fifties. David Amram ended his segment of the presentation by playing his own free form interpretation of Amazing Grace on a recorder-like instrument. (It reminded me of The Enchantment Song.)

As Derek Alger explains in his editor's introduction to the new issue, the classic book entitled New York in the Fifties, by Dan Wakefield, "gave me the idea for the panel, and subsequently, when I learned his classic book was out of print, somehow I was able to bring Charles Salzberg of Greenpoint Press together with Richard Luck, founder of PIF, and Charles knew a designer Rob Kimmel, and three months later, a new edition of New York in the Fifties came into being. An incredible experience, five or so people involved, a three-month period, no fights or arguments because everyone had the same goal, and now once again, New York in the Fifties is available to readers."

Panelists included author Dan Wakefield, Tom Fleming, Bruce Jay Friedman, David Amram, Stephen Koch, and moderator Derek Alger, giving their animated personal accounts of life during this period. At a future conference, I would love to see a panel of women tell about their experiences during those same years.

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